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Csound iOS SDK released

April 3, 2012

Complementing the Csound for Android SDK, we have now released its Csound for iOS counterpart. Here is the official announcement by Steven Yi:

Victor and I are happy to announce the release of the Csound for iOS

SDK, version 5.17.3.  It is available at:

There are currently two zips there:

* – This includes a PDF manual for developing

applications with Csound for iOS, as well as includes the Csound for

iOS Examples project.  This project has a number of examples that

demonstrate differents aspects of the CsoundObj and Csound API,

including widget wrapping, MIDI handling, and using sensors. This

project includes precompiled binaries of libcsound.a and libsndfile.a

that are compiled for arm and intel, and work with both the simulator

and devices.  To create new projects based on Csound for iOS, we have

put everything that is the core of Csound for iOS in the “Csound iOS

Examples/csound-iOS” folder.  You can copy that entire folder into any

new project and will have everything necessary to build and run new

Csound-based apps.

* – This is a copy of the sourcecode and Xcode

project used to build libsndfile.a for iOS.  This zip is only

necessary if you are planning to build libsndfile.a yourself,

otherwise, you can just use the pre-compiled one that comes with

Other notes:

* An “iOS” folder has been pushed to the csound5 GIT repository.  It

contains a script for rebuilding libcsound.a, an file for updating the csound-iOS folder

with the latest .a’s and headers, and a script for building

a release folder (same as what is used for the pre-compiled release


* Building requires CMake and Xcode to be installed.  We are using

CMake to generate Xcode projects (using the same CMake files that are

used for building the desktop Csound), then using Xcode to build.

Also, the XCode commandline tools must be installed, as xcodebuild is

used to build the XCode projects from the commandline.

* iOS, like Android, will be maintained as first class platforms for

Csound.  New releases of Csound will now be built not only for Mac,

Windows, and Linux, but for iOS and Android as well.

Thanks and enjoy!


The SDK’s release is accompanied by the launch of the first of a series of Csound-based apps, as discussed in the Create Digital Music site. These applications demonstrate some interesting uses of the SDK in music applications.


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