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  1. Hi
    I read your article at

    I think main problem for Android isn’t latency. Phone/tablet doesn’t need replace music software from desktop PC/Mac. Phone/tablet should be used as companion software instead of it. Just sketch melody and bring it to professional DAW. Don’t try to make music at small device.

    I tried to solve this way. See my application at

    Could you make review of this application, please?

    • I will have a look, thanks.
      Yes, you are right, there are plenty of applications that are not completely dependent of low latency.

  2. Giuseppe permalink

    Hi Victor,
    how can We contact you?

  3. coffee permalink

    I have successfully mix two wav audio files and now I want to mix two mp3 files. I really do not know how to do this.
    Can you help me. Thank you very much!

    • You will need to look for MP3 decoder code, and then decode your MP3s into raw sample streams, mix them and put the samples to the output.

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